1-Quart Sizes of Organic Alcohol

New 1 Quart Size Product Launch The Organic Alcohol Company (OAC) is happy to provide a NEW product size for two of our most popular products.

In our efforts to offer variety in products and sizing, reuse packaging materials, and reduce costs to our customers, we are now offering 32-ounce sizes of Organic Cane 190-Proof and Organic Corn 200-Proof (packaged in two 16-ounce bottles)! (Note: 32-ounces is 1-quart.)

The best part is shipping will cost you ONLY $15.00 in most States! (No Hazardous Material Shipping Fee required.)

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  1. Organic Cane Alcohol - Certified Organic Cane Alcohol

    190-proof organic neutral cane alcohol. This unique product is sustainable, gluten-free, and o... Learn More

  2. Corn 200-Proof Anhydrous-Grade Certified Organic Alcohol - 1 Quart

    200-proof organic neutral corn alcohol. Made with organic, non-GMO corn alcohol, this versatil... Learn More

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