Why organic?

Buying organic represents a commitment to the health of our soil, water, and air. It is a commitment to a sustainable way of living that supports the health and well-being of all life on this planet.

Buying organic is a vote with our dollars to support a healthier and more just world. A commitment to support organic farmers, products, and industry is a huge step towards honoring and caring for the ecological balance that sustains our lives while advocating for the creatures and ecosystems that we all depend on.

Cultivating an ecological worldview that promotes the awareness needed to develop the tools and skills necessary to protect our world and the lives of all future generations is more crucial now than any time in our history.

Our commitment to organic is a commitment to support local and regional farms, and the farmers and their families who nourish and sustain us.

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What are the differences between the alcohols? Which one should I order?

While all of our certified organic alcohols are almost identical in purity and strength, there are subtle differences in character that should be considered. Each alcohol is influenced by the raw materials, uses, and methods by which it was made. Although we use an advanced filtration system to enhance the neutrality and purity of most of our products, there are variations between each alcohol in both smell and taste. All of our certified organic neutral spirits are perfect for extracts, beverage, perfumes and more.

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What are neutral spirits? Are they different from ethanol or ethyl alcohol?

Neutral spirits are clear, un-aged alcohols generally distilled at or above 190 proof, exhibiting odorless, tasteless, and colorless characteristics. There are a few different names given to the same product depending on what industry or use the alcohol is going into. 190 proof refers to the alcohol content of the neutral spirits. 190 is equivalent to 95% alcohol.

High proof, neutral grain spirits, ethyl alcohol, 190 proof, white spirits, and ethanol are all names you may hear this product being referred to. Everclear is a neutral spirit you would commonly find on the liquor store shelf (although Everclear is usually only 180 proof). Also, any vodka is technically a neutral spirit, as long as it is not a flavored vodka.

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Which alcohol is the most neutral and what are the differences in taste and smell?

The most neutral of all the alcohols we offer is our organic wheat alcohol (certified gluten-free). Soft sweetness and subtle wheat bread notes with a very pleasant palate entry and finish.

Organic corn alcohol has no distinct odor or taste and like our wheat alcohol remains very neutral. Corn is the most similar to Everclear, which uses corn as well. A great neutrality with a creamy corn mouth feel. Reminiscent of creamed corn and caramel with its sweetness and a subdued sour-mash “whiskey” finish.

Organic cane alcohol remains neutral with a slightly sweet taste as well as other slight profile differences. Marshmallow, a hint of butterscotch pudding, cotton candy and molasses hit the nose while subtle floral and herbal aromas show through.

Organic grape alcohol has the most distinct flavor profile. Upfront dark berry and fruity notes, such as raspberry, melon, Bing cherry, Concord grape jelly, blackberry, and blackcurrant with top notes of pine and lemon that linger in the spirit.

Sample packs are available for purchase to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Our staff is always available to help you decide which product would best suit your needs.

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What is the difference between alcohol proof and alcohol percentage?

Each degree of alcohol proof is equal to 0.5 % alcohol by volume. As an example, 100 proof is the same as 50% alcohol by volume.

"Proof" is a historical term that was used to describe how much alcohol was in a batch of spirits. Gunpowder was added to a barrel of alcohol (vodka, rum, etc.), and if the alcohol would light it contained at least 57.15% ABV, or Alcohol By Volume. If it did not light, it was "under proof." Now percentage or ABV is the commonly used term and measurement of alcohol.

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What is 80, 190, 192, or 200 proof alcohol?

All ethyl alcohol products have a proof associated with the product description. The proof is a measure of the water content of the ethyl alcohol portion of the product, and any level of proof can be manufactured based upon the amount of water added. The proof is calculated as two times (2x) the actual ethanol concentration by volume. The most common pharmaceutical grade alcohol products are 190, 192 and 200 proof. Vodka, on the other hand, is generally 80 proof.

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How do I bring 190 proof alcohol down to 80%?

We would suggest diluting the 190 proof alcohol with distilled water or any highly filtered water to remove any particulates or contaminants. Measuring a 50/50 ratio distilled water to distilled 190 proof will give you 95 proof which is roughly 47.5%. There are measuring devices you can purchase at testing supply stores that will test percentage for more accurate applications.

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What is pure USP alcohol?

USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. USP grade means that our alcohol is a pharmaceutical grade product. Not all pure alcohol meets USP standard. Only 190 and higher proof alcohol which meets or exceeds the stringent specifications of purity by the USP can be classified as such.

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Is your alcohol gluten-free?

Our corn, cane, grape and wheat alcohols do not contain gluten. Even our organic wheat alcohol has been distilled to a high enough ABV that no gluten proteins remain.

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How can wheat alcohol be gluten-free?

Our alcohol has been distilled to a point where all proteins and sugars have been converted into alcohol. The remaining 5% of our 95% organic alcohol is distilled water left in the organic process of distillation. This means that none of the gluten protein is left in the alcohol at this high proof.

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Is your alcohol non-GMO?

Yes. Our alcohol is certified organic by the CCOF. Currently to be certified, our crops must also be GMO-free. We also provide a non-GMO alcohol, certified by the non-GMO project.

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Is your alcohol kosher?

Kosher alcohol is alcohol that has been manufactured and packaged under the supervision and guidelines of a duly recognized rabbinical authority. Our alcohol is not kosher certified. Kosher certification may be ordered upon special request in large quantities only. Our wheat, corn and cane alcohols are available in kosher on request, our grape alcohol is not available kosher. Please call our office for more information.

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Why is alcohol the best solvent to use in herbal extracts?

Organic alcohol extractions is a way to keep the entire plant whole and intact. A holistic approach to extracting makes a difference in the quality and potency of your final product.

There are three main reasons: Alcohol is the best food-grade, or edible, solvent for extracting a number of naturally occurring herb constituents that are poorly soluble in water. These constituents include: resins, essential oils, balsams, and many alkaloids. Alcohol acts as a preservative, maintaining the shelf life of an extract for several years. Alcohol facilitates quick absorption of the herbal components into the bloodstream. Organic alcohol from The Organic Alcohol Company is thus a perfect solvent for all herbal tincture makers.

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What if I need more than 27 gallons?

Visit our Contract Customers page and fill out the contact form. After your account is approved, drum and tote quantities will be available.

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Do you have wholesale pricing?

Our wholesale pricing begins at five gallons. Our price per gallon decreases the larger quantity you purchase.

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How much does shipping cost?

95% alcohol is one of the most regulated substances and we follow all laws required.

General orders of 27 gallons or less are shipped through Fed-Ex ground. To find out estimated shipping costs, add the products you wish to order to the cart, and use the shipping calculator in the cart. More information is on our Shipping Policy page.

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Is there any way to ship without the signature requirement?

No, we require a direct adult signature on our products to ensure safety and age requirements are followed.

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Where is my tracking number?

As soon as your package is scanned in with our Fed-Ex driver, a tracking number will be sent to email address you provided at the time of order. Please check your email for an invoice and tracking number. If you do not see this information within 5 days of ordering, please call our office.

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How long will it take to get my order?

We take 2-5 business days to process orders. If there is permitting needed for order this may lengthen wait time. We filter, pour and package orders as they come in to ensure quality. Shipping times will be dependent on customer location. Example: Ashland, Oregon to New York state averages 5-6 business days.

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Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

While shipping is possible, it is very expensive as it goes priority overnight (due to hazmat shipping regulations). Please call the office to inquire on prices and regulations.

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Do you ship to Canada or other international locations?

We do not currently ship internationally but have some options available for customers who are interested. Please contact our office for more details. We are hoping to start shipping into Canada very soon. Sign up for our emails for current information!

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What material do you use to pack the alcohol in?

14 years of compliance and research has gone into our HazMat, DOT approved packaging and shipping practices. Our containers are HAZMAT, OSHA, DOT, CCOF and NFPA approved containers that meet all legal and physical requirements to ship a UN1170 class III flammable liquid, packing group 2.

We share your concern about plastics and we are, in the near future, going to be offering a metal container alternative but the interest has been low because the cost of the container will be high and will likely add over $100 to the cost of an order. We have also done research in BPA free plastics and have found that the information coming out now is showing that the chemicals being used to replace the BPA may be more toxic than the BPA to begin with.

The reason that the box says “overpack” is because the box is only there to keep the actual shipping/packaging container, which is a high-density polyethylene container or our one-gallon glass jug, from getting scuffed and dirtied and so that our product arrives in a presentable, professional and hygienic fashion.

Please note our one-gallon containers will be in a plastic bag filled with Vermiculite, which is an eco-friendly absorbent material that can also be used in your garden.

We do our very best to limit our negative environmental impact by contributing as little non-biodegradable, petroleum-based materials to our landfills as reasonably possible.

Packaging this way also offers the space to put all of the required labeling without cluttering up the high quality, food-grade, fully reusable containers that we send to our customers.

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Do I have to pay tax?

The Organic Alcohol Company charges Federal excise tax on all alcohol. This across-the-board alcohol tax is $13.50/ proof gallon of alcohol, which for 190 proof alcohol yields $25.65/gallon, regardless of the selling price of the alcohol.

The Organic Alcohol Company does not make any profit from collecting the tax, nor do we receive a portion of the tax.

For the Organic Alcohol Company to not to charge the Federal Excise Tax on alcohol directly to you, a Transfer in Bond is required to be on file, which is sometimes the case for purchases from wineries and other larger entities who then remit the Excise Tax themselves or legally transfer the liability onward. Eligibility for exemption is determined by the Tax and Trade Bureau. For more information see our Federal Tax page.

Depending on your state tax requirements you may be required to pay a state sales tax on the alcohol.

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Do I need to get a permit?

Please refer to our Permits page to see if your state liquor control or department of revenue require a license or permit. We try to provide current information for customers to navigate through restrictions and requirements in their area. Please check your state regulations.

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I haven’t needed a permit before, why do I need one now?

We now have a compliance team due to company growth and the ever-changing rules and regulations required state by state. Many customers were not taking the necessary steps so to protect ourselves, and our customers, we provide state permit and license information and ask that customers also be aware of any regulations. As much as we hate to add extra steps to the purchasing process, we have to be compliant with each state’s laws. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will do what we can to help move the process along!

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Where can I get the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are easily available here.

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How do I attach the spout to my five-gallon container?

For detailed instructions, see our How to Add Self-Ventilating Spout page.

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What happened to Alchemical Solutions?

On July 13th, 2012, due to a strange set of circumstances, a fire started. There was only one employee in the distillery, who was able to safely flee the building. All of the stores of alcohol caught fire and subsequently exploded. The distillery was completely destroyed in less than an hour.

With fierce determination and the help of three dedicated friends and employees, Alchemical Solutions was back in business eight weeks later. This was in large part due to the amazing and loyal customers that waited for the business to get product back to market. Alchemical Solutions, Oregon’s first and oldest certified organic distillery was reborn as The Organic Alcohol Company.

After a couple years of hard work and very strong growth, and the help of a forward thinking developer, Organic Alcohol Company had a custom alcohol distillery built. The beautiful new facility is first of its kind in Southern Oregon. Combined with a growing team of skilled and dedicated employees, Aaren is now the president of an international alcohol company that is experiencing exceptional growth. The Organic Alcohol Company is poised to continue to be the leader in the Organic Alcohol market domestically, while developing global and other markets and opportunities both regionally and nationally.

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Are you 21 or over?

I agree that I am over 21 years old and understand that my age will be verified when I place an order and that I must adhere to all Local, State and Federal Alcohol laws.

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