Organic Alcohol Cubetainers

New Cubetainer Size of Organic Alcohol Cane 190-Proof Organic Alcohol Cane Cubetainer
New! OAC has a special product available for a limited time, our 1-Gallon Organic Cane Cube Shippers!

Whether you are an educator, student, crafter, or DIY-er the 1-Gallon Cube offers the best value for your money.

In an effort to limit waste and reuse excess packaging materials, we found an opportunity to pass along the savings to select customers. Win-win!

Our 1-Gallon Cube shippers hold a full gallon of our Organic Cane Spirits. With its compact shape and convenient pull-out spout, this is a perfect product for those who want easy access to their spirits or to easily transfer alcohol into a glass container.

Shipping Fees for multiple Cubes are much less than shipping multiple Glass Jugs since multiple Cubes can be packed into a single box, thus minimizing additional required Hazardous Material fees per single box (as Glass Jugs ship in their own single box).

Order now. Limited quantity is available, while our packaging supplies last.

⚡ BONUS added savings: We can pack 4 or 8-gallon cubes into one box to save you even more on shipping. Buy more and save on shipping costs.

This is the perfect opportunity to make a group order for multiple students, teachers, and staff who want their own 1-Gallon!

⚡ Educational Program participants can use their discount codes to save additionally on their order.

PLEASE NOTE: if ordering a single gallon, there is no overpack box and your gallon cube packaging may go through normal shipping wear and tear.

If you are concerned about the cube box itself, consider ordering 4 or 8 gallons, they will be packaged in one outer box providing some coverage.

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