Certified Organic Wheat Alcohol - order by units of 1 Gallon

Certified Organic Wheat Alcohol - order by units of 1 Gallon

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This page currently applies to Albuquerque, New Mexico - Group Order Only - for the early week of February 2018; Please pay special attention to the following simple instructions:

  1. Special Group Order Quantity - add the specific number of gallons you want in your order here on this product page. Do not order other Wheat products - simply order the number of gallons you desire below.

  2. Enter your Group Ordering Code 'GroupAlbuquerque1802' at the Cart to get your volume discount. The discounted amount will show as a Discount.

  3. On the Checkout process after adding product to Cart, on the Shipping Method section selection, instead of Fedex Shipping Fee, select the following: "Local Pickup at our company office in Ashland, Oregon (or using GROUP ORDER method where Shipping Fee is pre-calculated and already included)"

  4. Actual organic alcohol purchased with this order will ship in multiple units of 5 gallon high-density, food-grade containers to the previously designated location only.

The Organic Alcohol Company's 190-proof organic neutral wheat alcohol is the most neutral of our organic alcohols and is a great choice for any use or application. It is lab tested to be guaranteed gluten-free.

Tasting Notes: "Soft sweetness and subtle wheat bread notes with a very pleasant palate entry and finish."

Our spirits are three-stage filtered to assure our customers the highest level of purity. They are tested by an independent lab to insure that they meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. Not all pure alcohol is pharmaceutical grade — only 190-proof and 200-proof pure ethanol which meets or exceeds the stringent standards of the USP.

High proof, neutral grain spirits, ethyl alcohol, 190-proof, white spirits, and ethanol are all names you may hear this product being referred to, depending on what industry or use the alcohol is going into.

Ordering alcohol can be tricky. We aim to help you through the process as much as we can.

If this is your first time ordering, try using our guide on how to order alcohol. If you’re not sure which alcohol you need, check our pages on the best alcohol to use for herbal extracts, natural perfume, craft distillery and beverages and natural body care.

We also have helpful information on tax and permits (which many states require before you can order alcohol). If you have a question, check out our frequently asked questions page.

You may also want familiarize yourself with our shipping and returns policies.

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