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Organic Alcohol Micro-Distillery
Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Natural (Botanical) Perfumery involves the use of scents extracted from plant materials for personal fragrance. The aromatic art of crafting natural perfumes relies solely on plants as the source for the fragrances without the use of synthetic scents or isolated compounds. 

Perfumes are comprised of different scent qualities, or “notes.” The “top notes,” are the scents that are detected first, the “middle” or “heart notes” make up the main body of the scent that others perceive, and the “base notes” are the “dry down scents” that remain after a few hours.  These are combined in the ratios of 1part base notes, 2 parts middle notes, and 1-3 parts top notes to the desired result. Then this solution is diluted with organically grown, neutral grain or grape spirits in the ratio of 15-30% natural botanicals and 70-85% neutral spirits. 

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Jeanne Rose is the author of 24 books on herbs and aromatherapy, including The Herbal Studies Course in herbal study and two in aromatherapy, The Aromatherapy Course ‑ Home & Family and the Aromatherapy Studies Course for Practitioners.  Jeanne Rose has also authored, 375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols, which is a complete reference book of 375 aromatic plant extracts and hydrosols with phytochemical, clinical and botanical indices.