Regulations for purchasing high-proof alcohol for industrial-use

Residents in Kansas have two options for permitting in this state:

1: Fill out the "Non-Beverage Permit" application for each order.

The permit holder must purchase alcohol or wine from a manufacturer, distributor, microbrewery or farm winery. At the time of purchase, they must provide two copies of their permit to the seller. Within 10 days of the purchase, the permit holder attaches a copy of their invoice to their original permit then returns it to the ABC. Additional purchases require a new permit. THIS IS A ONE TIME PURCHASE.

$2 Permit fee

More information can be found here:


2: Fill out the "Non-Beverage User License."

The cost depends on the amount purchased. More information can be found here:


Please allow time for this process.

Upload the permit to your account on the Organic Alcohol Company website when you place your order.



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I agree that I am over 21 years old and understand that my age will be verified when I place an order and that I must adhere to all Local, State and Federal Alcohol laws.

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