Regulations for purchasing high-proof alcohol for industrial-use

If you are a resident in Minnesota and you are using this alcohol for home or personal use only and do not retail your product, no permit is required at this time. Please note that customers will be held responsible for not adhering to state regulations.

Only a licensed business in the state of Minnesota may apply for a "APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO PURCHASE AND/ OR POSSESS ETHYL ALCOHOL AND/OR DISTILLED SPIRITS" from the Minnesota Licensing Department of Public Safely Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement. This is for non-beverage, industrial and manufacturing purposes only.

Follow the link below:


The permit good for one year, $20 fee.

Minnesota Licensing Department: (651) 201-7500, select "alcohol"

Once the permit is obtained, upload the permit to your account on the Organic Alcohol Company website when you place your order.

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I agree that I am over 21 years old and understand that my age will be verified when I place an order and that I must adhere to all Local, State and Federal Alcohol laws.

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