Regulations for purchasing high-proof alcohol for industrial-use

Residents in Montana must obtain an "Authorization to Purchase" from the Montana Department of Revenue.

Procedures are as follows for submitting form ASA to Purchase Bulk Distilled Spirits according to Montana’s Rules:

1. The Business (such as Mason) must submit a completed form (ASA 05/14) to the Department of Revenue Liquor Control Division. The form must be completed in its entirety. Any missing information will delay the approval process.

The information that must be completed by the Business is:

a. Business information (business name)

b. Request Date

c. Billing and Shipping address

d. Contact information (at least two contacts) to include name, phone and email

e. Tax ID (FEIN or SSN)

f. Purchase Order number (attached if available)

g. List type of business

h. Purpose for which product is being ordered

i. Product description to include quantity, size, proof, description, gallons

j. Supplier information (that would be you) (at least two contacts) to include name, phone and email

k. Sign and date form acknowledging the information is accurate

2. Once the Department of Revenue Liquor Control Division receives the completed form, the form will be approved and forwarded to the Supplier. They will fulfill the order for the business and ship it as soon as possible to prevent any delays.

3. After the Supplier has shipped the product, they will send the Department a copy of the invoice. This lets us know that the product has come into the state.

Please submit the ASA Form to: Email: [email protected]

Please allow 7-10 business days for Organic Alcohol Company to complete and re-send form.

Questions please contact:

Mary Lohrman

Liquor Order Technician

Montana Liquor Control Division

Phone: (800) 332-6135, Option 2 (MT ONLY) or

(406) 444-0719

Fax: 1 (800) 332-6135, option 1

Email: [email protected]


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