Return Policy

Due to the laws, rules and complexities of the alcohol business we DO NOT accept returns of our alcohol.

  • Once alcohol leaves our distillery the Federal Excise Tax is assessed and must be paid.
  • Due to the restrictions of shipping a hazmat flammable liquid, it is impossible to arrange return shipments.
  • Also, as a certified organic product, when the seal is broken it can no longer be sold as a certified organic product.

If you have any doubts or concerns — order a sample, read our FAQs, call or email to ask us questions. Be sure what you are ordering is the right product for you. Once we ship it, it is yours to keep.

The ONE exception to accepting returns is as follows:

If the alcohol shipment is returned to us unopened (such as a refused delivery of the order), we will refund 75% of the actual product price, minus the return shipping fee. A 25% restocking fee applies to all returned products.

We will not refund the shipping fees or the Federal Excise Tax, which will already have been paid and cannot be refunded.

Are you 21 or over?

I agree that I am over 21 years old and understand that my age will be verified when I place an order and that I must adhere to all Local, State and Federal Alcohol laws.

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