Aaren Glover

Founder and President

Aaren Glover grew up in beautiful central California’s wine country. He learned at a young age that normal academic pursuits would not be enough, and that plunging headfirst into all his interests was the only way to go. Aaren attended several permaculture workshops, including one with Bill Mollison, the founder of “permaculture,” and apprenticed at Taylor Made Farms, a 40-acre, semi-coastal, bio-dynamic hillside farm located in the coastal hills of Sonoma County. Aaren also certified in combined therapy at McKinnon Institute school of Massage Therapy in Oakland, California and studied Live Blood Cell Analysis at NuLife Sciences in Petaluma, California under the expertise of Michael Coyle, and set-up to offer Live Blood Cell Analysis professionally. All the while he continued following his passions in yoga, Thai Chi, nutrition and herbalism. He was fully immersed in the healing and holistic world of alternative health.

Aaren moved to Mt. Shasta, California and co-founded a healing center and holistically focused day spa called Radiance, putting all his knowledge of natural healing and medicine into practice. He saw there was a need in the market for herbalist and herbal extract manufacturers to have a reliable source of certified organic pharmaceutical grade alcohol for their products.

Late in 2001 after spending months doing market research and attending the Alltech alcohol school in Kentucky, Aaren and his father, Everett Glover, decided to invest in building their own certified organic distillery in Ashland, Oregon. It was a very steep and challenging learning curve, but Aaren and his general manager Peter Formosa built a functioning distillery with a reliable production method to bring verified organic high proof alcohol into the market early in 2003. Aaren learned every aspect of operating his business from distilling, sourcing, bottling, shipping and everything in between.

Alchemical Solutions, LLC became the first certified organic distiller in Oregon and one of the first in the country. Using his knowledge of the natural products industry, Aaren was able to build a reputation through word of mouth and create a base of incredibly loyal customers. After a devastating fire in 2012 that completely destroyed the distillery, Aaren and his team rebuilt from the ground up. Alchemical Solutions was reborn as The Organic Alcohol Company.

Being involved in several start-ups and knowing what it takes to build a company from the ground up, Aaren continues to find new challenges in this fast-growing organic and specialty alcohol company and looks forward to the next 15 years of growing the operation.

Aaren loves spending time with family, his lovely wife and four children. He is dedicated to his friends and community and enjoys having opportunities to give back. Aaren loves sailing, paddle boarding and spending time on his family's 13-acre farm outside of Talent, Oregon. If Aaren is not with his family, on the farm, in the water or the mountains, he is at OAC headquarters working hard at becoming the best source of organic alcohol and specialty spirits in the world.

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