• Herbal Extracts

    Herbal extraction is the long-standing art of extracting pure essence, flavor, aromatic and medicinal constituents from botanicals. Extracts are also commonly referred to as tinctures by herbalists or other practitioners. Natural herbal extracts are commonly used for flavoring and preserving, as well as for healing and fortifying medicines.

    Start your pure herbal extract with the very best ingredients. Our organic, pharmaceutical-grade alcohol is an ultra-pure, organic alternative t...

  • Natural Perfumes

    Look no further for a perfect companion to create your fragrances. Our 190 proof alcohol is certified organic, distilled with no additives or chemicals so you can start your hand-blended perfumes with the very best. Perfumers know that the purest botanicals and ingredients make the finest aromatics. The Organic Alcohol Company is here to supply several high-quality choices for your finely-tuned craft.

    We carry four types of 190 proof organic alcohols to suit your scent profiles and ...

  • Natural Body Care Products

    Our certified organic alcohol is a simple, holistic choice for formulating organic, sustainable and superior natural products for your personal use or business.

    Organic alcohol can be used to enhance and preserve your sprays, lotions, repellents, sanitizers, hair products and more. Try our organic grape alcohol for a long-lasting room spray carrier, or our organic cane alcohol for the perfect lathering shampoo. The high proof makes for a clean, quick evaporation rate as well as the ...

  • Craft Distilling

    If you're launching a distilled spirits company or expanding your brand, our organic neutral spirits are a great place to start.

    Our organic neutral spirits are distilled in traditional methods without the use of any chemicals or additives, making it the perfect canvas to paint your flavor and aromatic profiles. Choose from our variety of 190-proof or 200-proof neutral spirits to work within your tastes, all are certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. We package various sizes to...

  • Flavor Extracts

    Flavor Extracts are cooking flavor aids made by extracting the flavor of the source plant material and incorporating it into a liquid alcohol base. Flavors are used in baked goods (like cookies and cakes), in alcoholic beverages (like in Amaretto Sour), and in dairy products (like ice cream and pudding).

    There are many types of flavor extracts. Some examples are: cherry, almond, cinnamon, anise, orange, lemon, peppermint, and vanilla.

  • Flower Remedies

    Flower essences are energetic medicines working on powerful yet subtle vibrational levels of healing. The essences come in the form of extracts in alcohol that can be used with any other system of healing or medication with no harmful side effects and many benefits. To use, simply place a drop or two of the essence under the tongue several times a day. Flower essences are odorless and tasteless and are absorbed instantly into they body, beginning their healing work quickly after they are taken. Flower essences were popularized by Dr. Edward Bach., a prominent physician in England during the early 20th century.

  • Fortification

    The original reason for fortifying wine was to preserve it. Alcohol is a natural preservative, and when added before the fermentation of wine is complete, it kills the yeast and leaves residual sugar behind. The end result is a wine that is both sweeter and stronger, normally containing about 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). Even though other preservation methods exist, fortification continues to be used because wine drinkers took a liking to this kind of wine.

    Many different styles of fortified wine have been developed. The most popular ones are port, sherry, madeira, marsala, and vermouth.

    Source: Wikipedia

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