Craft Distilling

If you're launching a distilled spirits company or expanding your brand, our organic neutral spirits are a great place to start.

Our organic neutral spirits are distilled in traditional methods without the use of any chemicals or additives, making it the perfect canvas to paint your flavor and aromatic profiles. Choose from our variety of 190-proof or 200-proof neutral spirits to work within your tastes, all are certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. We package various sizes to meet your needs for your specialty beverage or product.

Starting off with locally sourced grains and grapes, our founder began Organic Alcohol Company with a custom Vendome still, producing organic alcohol in small batches. We still honor the small distiller with the highest quality sourced spirits we can find, so you can make a unique product that's all your own.

Recommended Alcohols for Craft Distilling

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