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Our certified organic alcohol is a simple, holistic choice for formulating organic, sustainable and superior natural products for your personal use or business.

Organic alcohol can be used to enhance and preserve your sprays, lotions, repellents, sanitizers, hair products and more. Try our organic grape alcohol for a long-lasting room spray carrier, or our organic cane alcohol for the perfect lathering shampoo. The high proof makes for a clean, quick evaporation rate as well as the perfect binding emollient for moisturizers and creams. Pairing one of our alcohols for your purpose is easy since all our alcohols are certified organic, non-toxic, vegan and gluten free.

We respect our planet by supporting sustainable and non-GMO crops. Join us in putting the best product you can forward.

I have been working with Organic Alcohol Company since 2006 purchasing their Organic Grape Alcohol for various applications within our Company. KM Herbals creates and manufactures organic personal care products for spas, wellness centers, hair salons, estheticians, massage therapists, health care practitioners and online stores. We use organic herbs infused in organic grape alcohol and organic herbs infused in organic vegetable oil as the foundation of all our products. Organic Alcohol Company is unique in their quality product and service, which is what I am always seeking, so we can serve and create products of integrity and performance.

Recommended Alcohols for Natural Body Care Products

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