Craft Grade Coconut Alcohol, 1-Quart (Required Federal Excise Tax INCLUDED in price)


1-Quart (32-Ounce) Glass Bottle purchases ship in one 32-ounce glass bottle suitable for shipping high-proof alcohol. An Adult Signature will be required, however, NO Hazardous Material Fee is required.

The Organic Alcohol Company's 190-proof coconut alcohol is made from the finest certified organic coconut. Organic Coconut Alcohol is sought after for its ability to extract, carry scents, and its general taste and versatility.

Aroma of coconut literally “jumps” out as you are transported to an exotic locale. With subtle notes of cocoa butter, this spirit is for serious coconut lovers only!

Our spirits are three-stage filtered to assure our customers the highest level of purity.

High-proof, neutral grain spirits, ethyl alcohol, 190-proof, white spirits, and ethanol are all names you may hear this product being referred to, depending on what industry or use the alcohol is going into.

One gallon purchases ship in a single glass container.