The four most common uses are making herbal tinctures or extracts, as a neutral base spirit for distilleries, to use in their product formulation or in making craft cocktails, for natural perfumes and fragrances, and in personal care products.
High-proof Organic Ethanol has a variety of uses and is a main ingredient in many products you use everyday!
herbal-extracts-and-tincturesHerbal extraction and tincturing is a long-standing art involving the extraction ofRead-More-Herbal-Extracts
pure essence, flavor, aromatic and medicinal constituents from botanicals. 
Look no further for a perfect companion to create your fragrances. Read-More-Herbal-Extracts
Our 190-proof alcohol is certified Organic and distilled with no additives or chemicals so you can start your hand-blended perfumes with the very best..
 craft-distilling-usesIf you're launching a distilled spirits company or expandingRead-More-Craft-Distilling
your brand, our organic neutral spirits are a great place
to start. 



Check out our DIY Recipe for more ideas on how to use your Organic Alcohol!