Most of our competitors are large, conventional, corporate distilleries and chemical companies. Due to growing demand, many of them now offer organic alcohol. However, smaller, decentralized production plants are generally favored by the organic food and beverage industry. Small-scale micro-distilleries produce high quality organic alcohol, and in contrast to large corporations, are more aligned with the long-term values of sustainability.

Picking persimmons on the Organic Alcohol Company farm

A sustainable future depends in part on recycling and the reduction of waste, alternative energy, small-scale farming and business, and local production of products, to name a few. We strive to make efforts to lighten our impact on natural resources and the ecosystems that sustain all life. At the Organic Alcohol Company, we have a 10 year plan to derive most if not all of our power from alternative energy, including generating energy from the alcohol that we produce.

We will continue to work to lighten our carbon footprint while lowering our dependence on petroleum based plastics and finding creative ways for many of the materials we do use to be re-used and up-cycled. We recognize the need to stay competitive in order to thrive and we do work within the current paradigm, but little by little and with the support of our customers we can do our part to create a sustainable and just world.

As part of our commitment to a healthy planet and future generations, we donate a portion of our profits to support land conservation, organic farming, and the cleaning and protection of our water ways.

So, when buying organic, you have a choice. You can either buy from a large, corporate giant whose obligation is to the bottom line, or from a small enterprise like ours, whose values go beyond profit. If you decide to buy from us, we'll guarantee that you'll receive a high-quality organic product at a competitive price. Moreover, you ll also be able to vote with your dollars in support of a more sustainable future.