The Organic Alcohol Company is not a retail location but provides the convenience for customers to place orders online and pick up their purchase in-office during specific hours with a set appointment. Please read and acknowledge the following policy and guidelines.


  • OAC has will-call appointment times available daily on Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, although days and hours may be subject to change.
  • Once customer has placed their order online, customer will need respond to email with form links to schedule appointment within 48 hours of the initial order made.
  • If customer does not have proper permitting for the order placed, the order will be canceled. Notification via email will be sent explaining cancellation due to lack of permitting. The customer will need to reorder once permitting has been obtained and sent in to OAC.
  • Appointment time must allow at least 24 hours after order is placed. Appointments must be confirmed by OAC staff before customer arrives.
  • Note that same-day pick-up may be available with a $25.00 fee.
  • OAC will be able to hold an order for will-call appointment up to one week. If appointment cannot be made, order will be cancelled.
  • Appointment for pick-up must be made within one week of placing order. We may not be able to hold longer.
  • Only adults age 21 and older will be allowed to pick up order.
  • We cannot allow orders exceeding 30-Gallons for Will-Call. Tote and Drums are not allowed for pick-up.
  • Will-Call Affidavit form must be submitted before scheduling Will-Call. This link is included in the Will-Call Email Notification.
  • If customer will be arranging pick-up for someone other than who is named on the order, please confirm the name of the person who will be picking up the order when setting appointment on Will-Call Schedule form (must be 21 years or older)
  • A valid form of ID is required from person(s) picking up order at facility. Acceptable forms of ID: Driver’s license (or some form of valid state-issued ID), or passport. Customer is to attach image to Will-Call Schedule Form found in Will-Call Email Notification.
  • Payment must be made online. No cash payments at time of pick-up are allowed at this time.
  • Permitting is required by OAC for all orders within states that require permitting. If you are transporting to another state, please review state laws and have proof of address of destined location (driver’s license from out of state).
  • Will-Calls will be picked up from North side door located on main building at 650 Mistletoe Road Ashland, OR. Please ring doorbell and wait outside of taped area. An employee will be out shortly with order.
  • All customers are given and/or have access to product SDS sheets.


  • If customer does not contact OAC to schedule appointment within 48 hours of time order is placed, the order may be cancelled and will need to be reordered.
  • OAC will attempt to contact customer via email or phone before cancellation.
  • A reminder email with invoice amount will be sent the day before the appointment date.


  • Once an appointment is scheduled, a $25.00 restocking fee may be applied if appointment is missed.
  • If appointment is not rescheduled within one week, the order may be cancelled and will need to be replaced.

*Please note that due to the nature of Industrial Use alcohol, proper carrier and DOT handling must be followed. OAC, as the seller of the product, is not responsible for transportation or mishandling during transportation of the product once it is picked up from the facility. Once the order is loaded into the customer’s vehicle it becomes the sole responsibility of the customer or representative who is doing the pick-up. All state and federal laws apply. All measures are taken to allow safe pick-up from our facility following state and federal requirements, as well as health and safety requirements due to Covid-19.