Organic Alcohol Company’s mission is to be a leading producer and supplier of the highest quality and most premium organic alcohols available. We strive to serve all alcohol markets and everything pertaining to organic alcohol and fine spirits while providing unparalleled customer service.

Organic Alcohol Company was founded in 2001 as Alchemical Solutions, LLC. We are located in the beautiful arts town of Ashland, Oregon, nestled at the southern end of the scenic, fertile Rogue Valley. Our company was the first organic distillery in Oregon and among the first throughout the entire West Coast.

Organic Alcohol Company Headquarters Photo

The idea for an organic distillery originated from our realization that herbalists often went through the trouble to obtain the highest quality ingredients possible while having to settle for low quality, conventionally produced alcohols from corporate giants, usually only available in large quantities. In the beginning we started making our small-batch, high quality organic alcohol to support herbalists and small herbal medicine companies who desired higher quality, certified organic alcohols in smaller quantities. Over time our customer base expanded as people and companies from other niche markets contacted us seeking our unique alcohols.

Today, our strong conviction in the importance of preserving our natural resources and contributing to a sustainable economy continues to guide our family operated business. We strive to source all raw materials as locally and regionally as possible, and are consistently working towards our long-term greening goals, which include using more renewables, contracting with local farmers for the production of raw materials, and converting our facilities to solar power, to name a few.As a small, community-oriented business, the personal and attentive service we provide our customers has been received with a very positive response. Our mission is to continue to provide the highest quality product on the market at reasonable prices, while considering our impact on the planet for every decision that we make.


Check out this video of our OAC Team's work donating Hand Sanitizer to our community.