The large cap is mechanically tightened and we don’t recommend trying to remove it - in the center of it is also where the spout is threaded after penetrating (shown below). Your order of 5 gallons or more comes with a spout. If you need another you can order one.

Gather up:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver or Punch: Insulated/Non-metal (i.e., non-spark producing)
  • Spout

Unscrew the small ventilating cap and remove it temporarily. Position the screwdriver/punch over the center of the ventilating area and puncture a hole in the center of it. Replace the ventilating cap.

Then, position the screwdriver over the center of the other larger spout cap. Give it several good whacks with a hammer until you puncture a hole in it, then make a second hole in it near the first one.

The hole(s) only needs to be big enough for alcohol to flow. You do not need to remove the entire center of the cap.

Screw the spout into the larger cap. Hand tighten it, and then adjust the spout to the correct position. For faster flow, slightly open the small cap (opposite the larger cap) to allow venting and then tighten the small cap when not in use.

Turn the spout forward to open.