Herbal extraction is the long-standing art of extracting pure essence, flavor, aromatic and medicinal constituents from botanicals. Extracts are also commonly referred to as tinctures by herbalists or other practitioners. Natural herbal extracts are commonly used for flavoring and preserving, as well as for healing and fortifying medicines.
Start your pure herbal extract with the very best ingredients. Our organic, pharmaceutical-grade alcohol is an ultra-pure, organic alternative to vodka, Everclear or glycerin which can leave unwanted chemical residues in your finished product or simply not be as effective.
Our high-proof organic alcohol is guaranteed to have the lowest level of naturally occurring impurities, such as fusel oils, thus complying with USP, pharmaceutical standards. No toxic chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic additives or genetically modified organisms are used at any time, from farm to finished product.

Our 190-proof organic neutral grape alcohol is gluten-free and used for high-end quality extracts and applications.

Upfront dark berry and fruity notes, such as raspberry, melon, Bing cherry, Concord grape jelly, blackberry, and black currant with top notes of pine and lemon that linger in the spirit.