Look no further for a perfect companion to create your fragrances.

Our 190 proof alcohol is certified organic, distilled with no additives or chemicals so you can start your hand-blended perfumes with the very best. Perfumers know that the purest botanicals and ingredients make the finest aromatics. The Organic Alcohol Company is here to supply several high-quality choices for your finely-tuned craft.

We carry four types of 190 proof organic alcohols to suit your scent profiles and carry the perfect notes. Our neutral alcohols are subtle and unique, and with sample packs available, you can try them all. Whether you are starting with fresh plant extractions or choosing the best oils for your perfume, we have the quality alcohol you need.

For perfume, ethyl alcohol is the best to use. It is usually called neutral grain or grape spirits and is used as a diluent for complex natural perfumes. I prefer organic grape alcohol for diluting perfume. It is traditional and forms the best bond with the natural perfume ingredients that I use. In some cases, I will dilute individual oils or absolutes with organic cane alcohol as it seems to enhance the scent of certain plant essences such as vanilla. I use these to prefix the alcohol to be ready to use in the final perfume. The Organic Alcohol Company is my favorite go-to source. They have a great product and great customer service.

-Jeanne Rose


Our 190-proof organic neutral grape alcohol is gluten-free and used for high-end quality extracts and applications.

Upfront dark berry and fruity notes, such as raspberry, melon, Bing cherry, Concord grape jelly, blackberry, and black currant with top notes of pine and lemon that linger in the spirit.